Fontana Regional Library Celebrates 75 Years of Service

This year, the Fontana Regional Library turned 75 and we are celebrating by collecting stories from our wonderful patrons and supporters!  The Fontana Regional Library system is composed of public libraries in Jackson, Macon, and Swain counties (North Carolina).  Since we’re asking for your story, we thought that it’s only fair that we share ours … Continue reading Fontana Regional Library Celebrates 75 Years of Service

FRL – looking back, looking forward

As I get ready to retire next month, I find myself looking back at nearly 25 years of working for the Fontana Regional Library System.  There have been a lot of changes.  Walking into the Macon County Public Library on Wayah Street, for my first day on the job, the first thing I found myself … Continue reading FRL – looking back, looking forward

Spinning a spider storytime

Recently I came across an interesting title when working on a book order.  The title screamed out at me I’m Trying to Love Spiders!  The words love and spider in close proximity to each other?  How can that be?  Of course, my interest was piqued.  I ordered it and had almost forgotten about it until … Continue reading Spinning a spider storytime

You’re Invited…

Saturday November 2nd from 1pm-5pm Jack the Dipper will be donating 10% of ice cream sales to the FRL Reading Rover Bookmobile! Bring your neighbors, friends, and family to enjoy an ice cream treat and an afternoon of fun in support of the Reading Rover!  Free face painting and children’s activities will be part of … Continue reading You’re Invited…

Fundraising Dinner at Bogart’s

We need your support! On October 8th Fontana Regional Library will be partnering with Bogart's Restaurant in Sylva, who will donate 10% of each meal purchased to help fund the Reading Rover Bookmobile. Come feed your family while you feed Rover! Tuesday, October 8 from 4pm-9pm at Bogart's Restaurant   35 East Main Street Sylva, North … Continue reading Fundraising Dinner at Bogart’s

Show me the money! Or lack thereof…

"I believe that the public library is the heart of my community. It enriches my life and inspires my future. For these reasons, I support the funding of public libraries with my tax dollars." You'll be seeing those words a lot when you visit your local library, because Spring has sprung, though you'd never know it by … Continue reading Show me the money! Or lack thereof…

The “New” NC LIVE eBooks Portal Page

NC LIVE is pleased to announce a new eBooks Portal webpage available now from the NC LIVE website. The portal replaces a previous eBooks page that simply linked to each of NC LIVE's eBook Collections. This new eBooks Portal makes it easier for users of the NC LIVE website to browse and search all of NC LIVE's eBook … Continue reading The “New” NC LIVE eBooks Portal Page

It’s National Bookmobile Day! Hooray for the Reading Rover!

By Jeff So, you might already know that it's National Library Week.  You might even know that yesterday was National Library Workers Day (time to hug your favorite library employee - but, please ask first).  But did you know that today, April 11th,  is National Bookmobile Day?  This recognition was recently initiated (2010) to celebrate the unique … Continue reading It’s National Bookmobile Day! Hooray for the Reading Rover!