ISDKWYATA: Even More Acronyms (and books)

I received a lot of good feedback on my first post about acronyms. Several people mentioned other ones that they use or see with some frequency, so I figured a second venture into the world of initialisms was warranted. See what I did there? It has been argued that what are commonly referred to as … Continue reading ISDKWYATA: Even More Acronyms (and books)

WDTAM: What Do These Acronyms Mean

We as a society cannot seem to function online without the prolific usage of acronyms. Individually we may have differing views on the value of these acronyms, but regardless they are part of life now. There are surely a variety of reasons for this, and we can point the finger of blame at many things, … Continue reading WDTAM: What Do These Acronyms Mean