The (Irresistible) American Museum of the House Cat

We love cats, right? (Right, mom?) A month or so ago my sweetie pie and I visited the American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva. We’d actually just moved to Sylva and I figured out how to give directions to our new house using the museum as a landmark (the directions make no sense … Continue reading The (Irresistible) American Museum of the House Cat

Oh, A Doxxing We Will Go!

Actually, let's not.  Doxxing is rude.  Oh, what's that?  You have a question?  Ah, of course!  I need to explain what doxxing is. While I'm at it I may as well talk about some other Internet terminology.  It helps to be prepared, because you never know when some sockpuppet's viral meme will make you fall … Continue reading Oh, A Doxxing We Will Go!

Random Book Day 2014, Featuring 15 Random Reads in 8 Categories

By Chris A lot of people shiver in anticipation waiting for Random Book Day.  Sure, it is a day I made up last year, and no one knows when it happens, or even if it will happen.  SPOILER ALERT!  It is happening!  Right now!  So brace yourselves.  Seriously, we are heading for 3000 words. This year … Continue reading Random Book Day 2014, Featuring 15 Random Reads in 8 Categories

Bellatrix and Scrambles: The Awesome Kitteh Blog

By Chris and Christina We are, clearly, cat people.  We have two of them currently:  Bellatrix, who is the smartest cat either of us have had, and Scrambles the Death Dealer, who is the sweetest cat either of us have had.  And good thing that Scrambles is sweet, because she isn’t what one would call … Continue reading Bellatrix and Scrambles: The Awesome Kitteh Blog

Season’s Greetings

By Deb (Note: the comments expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the policy of the Library system or any other person or agency.) No matter what your particular beliefs are, this is a season of traditions, memories, and reflection.  So, I thought I would share some stories of my own.  My family is … Continue reading Season’s Greetings

Melvil Dewey classifies the world

By Deb In 1876 Melville Louis Kossuth Dewey (1851 –1931) patented the system of classification that we currently use for our books and other materials in our libraries here in the Fontana Regional Library.  The Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) (©OCLC) is a widely used standard in the library profession. Dewey, by all accounts was … Continue reading Melvil Dewey classifies the world

Purrfect Companions

By Deb June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.   Adopting a rescue animal can be a fulfilling and engaging experience for the entire family.  If you are thinking about adding a companion animal to your household, the library has many good books and other resources to help you with the experience.   Our communities have several … Continue reading Purrfect Companions

Beware the Ides of March

By Deb About 2,054 years ago, Julius Caesar should have heeded that advice from his soothsayer.  If he had just listened to his wife’s dreams and stayed home on the Ides of March it might have saved him from having a very bad day.  And while it might have ruined the ending for William Shakespeare’s … Continue reading Beware the Ides of March