New Non-Fiction

By Stephen Summer is over.  Schools have started.  The cooler breezes of autumn are just around the corner.  We've been reading the lighter summer books and some of us are ready for some slightly heavier reads. Scientists are making interesting discoveries in the fields of quantum physics and cosmology they are making their finds accessible to the lay reader.  … Continue reading New Non-Fiction

E-Resources For the Civil War

By Stephen 2011 is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.  A few months ago I wrote a blog about the books in the Fontana Regional Library outlining the events of the war.  Now I want mention some the electronic sources you can use to learn more about the war in general, … Continue reading E-Resources For the Civil War

Civil War Fiction and Motion Pictures

By Stephen In my last blog I mentioned the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the American Civil War would start  next year.   The subject of that blog was non-fiction books in the Fontana Regional Library system pertaining to the civil war .  This time I want to mention novels and movies set in the same conflict. First … Continue reading Civil War Fiction and Motion Pictures

The Coming Anniversary of the Civil War

By Stephen Abraham Lincoln was elected President of  the United States one hundred and fifty years ago on November 6, 2010.  What followed Lincoln's election was a bloody civil war that lasted over four years.  Almost as  many books have written about this war as there were casualties on the battlefields ( a slight exaggeration).  And, with … Continue reading The Coming Anniversary of the Civil War