Do you use library computers and internet?

Do you use the computers and internet at the library? We would love to hear from you! From May 5th to May 24th the library will be running an online survey to understand how patrons use the library’s technology so we can provide resources and services that are valuable to the community. The Impact Survey is anonymous, … Continue reading Do you use library computers and internet?

Oh, What a Tangled Web….

By Amy Imagine that you meet someone online. You get a Facebook message from someone who’s a friend of a friend. Maybe you glance through their profile: went to the same high school your cousin went to, has a nice job, and good looking to boot! You chat with them, get to know them. Every … Continue reading Oh, What a Tangled Web….


By John We lead Web-based, digital lives. From personal computers, smartphones, and tablets, e-book readers, to working, shopping, and social networking, virtually every aspect of our lives touches the digital world. Even when we are not directly connected to the Internet, this vast worldwide connection of computers, data, and websites supports our everyday lives through … Continue reading STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

Getting pictures, automagically!

By John For those of us who use digital cameras and go through the throws of locating a cable to connect our camera or card readers to our computers to get at our photos and videos have something to rejoice about. There’s a company that’s been making memory cards with Wi-Fi capability built into it, … Continue reading Getting pictures, automagically!

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step….

By John I can’t remember where exactly I saw this quote but, it’s been popping in and out my head for the past couple of months. So, what have I been doing the last couple of months that would cause this? What haven’t I been doing for the last couple of months would be easier … Continue reading A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step….

Taking care of business…

By John It’s been almost a month now, since you got that awesome new home computer for Christmas and it’s beginning to act a little sluggish and not quite so awesome. So what’s the deal? I need to maintain my home computer? As with most types of equipment, you must perform periodic maintenance on your … Continue reading Taking care of business…

“Going on a Java binge”

By John No, this isn’t about coffee and how much is too much for someone. Rather an attempt to let everyone know there’s another important piece of software that needs updating. It’s just as important as updating your operating system, browser software, and anti-virus program. It’s called Java, and shouldn’t be confused with JavaScript. They … Continue reading “Going on a Java binge”

Detecting and Avoiding Fake Anti-Virus Software

Your Computer Is Infected with Malware! Click here to purchase recommended anti-virus software!  By John You may be familiar with this or similar messages appearing on a website, urging you to take action purportedly designed to clean your allegedly infected computer.  Unfortunately, these messages are often scams that attempt to install malicious software (malware) onto … Continue reading Detecting and Avoiding Fake Anti-Virus Software