Crafting Mistakes

Hey y’all, this is Savannah from the Macon County Public Library.  You’ve seen some of my previous blogs which focus here and there on escapism.  Since March is National Craft Month, I get to talk about my most favorite “escapism” of all – craft time. In case you didn’t know, there’s a lot of truth … Continue reading Crafting Mistakes

Culture Club

By Amy Despite how badly I want to make all the jokes, you won't find any Boy George here! And I'm not just saying that to make you cry! The Culture Club is a new program at Macon County Public Library. Parents of the some of the littlest library patrons mentioned that it would be … Continue reading Culture Club

Earth Friendly

By Faye Do you like handmade crafts? Even though you know they are worth every cent of the price tag is it still more than you want to pay? Why not try your hand at creating beautiful crafts from recyclables. Instead of taking cans, bottles, paper and even clothing to the landfill create artwork! The … Continue reading Earth Friendly

Making Christmas

By Loretta I’m a Christmas freak.  (I know you’re thinking I’m a freak anyway, but it’s mostly just at Christmas.) There will be a gray day in early November that makes me think of snow and logs blazing on the fire.  That’s the day I drag out my supplies and start making ornaments and cards.  Popular … Continue reading Making Christmas