Documentaries: Truly Stranger Than Fiction?

Benjamin Baruch Woody I have often heard the phrase "Truth is stranger than Fiction." I have never found this to be true. The world is a truly fascinating, ever shifting, and diverse place, but it isn't nearly as strange as a desert world with huge sandworms that a messiah figure rides into battle. Fiction can … Continue reading Documentaries: Truly Stranger Than Fiction?

The Truth is Out There: 13 Documentary Films

We watch movies for many reasons.  To laugh and to cry, to be amazed and to see things blow up. Mainly we watch them to be entertained. But some films can do more than just entertain us. They can also educate us, and show us the world in new ways. Documentary films have been around … Continue reading The Truth is Out There: 13 Documentary Films

“If I die, what a beautiful death!”

By Sarah Do you have those moments of harmony when things line up perfectly for you?  A happy coincidence led my boyfriend to rent the Academy Award-winning documentary Man on Wire  just as I had finished reading Colum McCann's beautiful, National Book Award winning novel Let the Great World Spin.  I had never before heard … Continue reading “If I die, what a beautiful death!”