Converting to eTechnology

The first week of March is Read an eBook Week, when many publishers offer free or discounted eBooks. However, many ebooks are available to be checked out for free from your library. Through Fontana Regional Library, you can create an account with RB Digitial, OverDrive, or other providers of ebooks. eBooks have been increasingly popular … Continue reading Converting to eTechnology

The “New” NC LIVE eBooks Portal Page

NC LIVE is pleased to announce a new eBooks Portal webpage available now from the NC LIVE website. The portal replaces a previous eBooks page that simply linked to each of NC LIVE's eBook Collections. This new eBooks Portal makes it easier for users of the NC LIVE website to browse and search all of NC LIVE's eBook … Continue reading The “New” NC LIVE eBooks Portal Page

Another blog about ebooks….

By Deb E-books.  Everywhere I turn I’m hearing about them.  The library world is positively overwrought about the entire concept.  There are dire predictions that they will bring about the end of books and libraries.  Others say they are a passing fad.  Still others think they represent the passing of brick and mortar library buildings … Continue reading Another blog about ebooks….