Secret Societies: Fact and Fiction

If you ask me, secret societies are kind of the coolest. Enigmatic organizations, with their clandestine meetings and peculiar rituals, spur serious intrigue. And who doesn’t love being let in on a secret! Many secret societies we know of today have a nefarious reputation. However, undercover organizations used to be quite the thing, and for … Continue reading Secret Societies: Fact and Fiction

How’d you miss that, Sherlock!?

By Jeff That sarcastic title is directed towards me.  You see, even though I was an English major and went on to become a librarian and books are sort of my thing - I somehow never caught on to the novels and stories describing the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.   What's worse is that a movie brought me to the books! Of course, I knew of the character and … Continue reading How’d you miss that, Sherlock!?