Vegging Out

As you’ve heard, the Macon County Public Library is continuing its gardening tradition this summer!  While our Youth Services Department has had and continues to have a garden for folks 12 and younger, Adult Services, with the help of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, has been gardening in two 500 sq. ft. plots at the … Continue reading Vegging Out


Explore some FRL resources available to help teach about curbing the spread of germs.

eHealth: Doctor-Patient Teamwork for Improved Health Outcomes

eHealth is a growing trend in medicine- many doctors and hospitals are making patient records available electronically, allowing patients to log in to "health portals" to see their own records. In addition to the convenience these services provide, other benefits include better quality and more efficient health care, increased privacy and security of health information, … Continue reading eHealth: Doctor-Patient Teamwork for Improved Health Outcomes

ADHD Awareness Month

October is Attention –deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) awareness month.  As of 2011, approximately 8.8% of children have been diagnosed with ADHD in the United States. Though it’s estimated that the rate of occurrence for ADHD is similar in adults, only 4.4% of adults are diagnosed with ADHD – a significant portion of the adult ADHD population goes … Continue reading ADHD Awareness Month

CyberKnife® Radiosurgery

By Loretta Last year was a very hard year for my family:  we lost a brother and a great-nephew.  And another brother, Ronnie, learned he had cancer in both lungs.  We were devastated. The Big C.  It is so daunting, we don't even want to say it out loud.  Ronnie’s attitude, from the beginning, was … Continue reading CyberKnife® Radiosurgery

May is National Mental Health Month!

By Rand Mental health has always been a fascinating topic to me. Psychology was one of my favorite subjects in school. Over the years it has affected my life in many ways, simply by watching certain family members and a number of friends having to live with this illness. Sadly, it is still widely ignored as a disease … Continue reading May is National Mental Health Month!

Yea Dr. Oz!

By Elizabeth I am so impressed with the education, and common sense given by Dr. Mehmet Oz  about our health care. We have many of  his books, he has a television show, and video info on Dr. .   The show is a "Sesame Street" format of quick information spots presented very creatively and also longer spots of actual experiences  that … Continue reading Yea Dr. Oz!