Sir John Keegan

British historian John Keegan and I were almost contemporaries.  Although he was four years older than me, both of us were boys living in a Britain troubled by war in the early 1940s; he in England, I in Scotland.  Keegan told interviewer Brian Lamb a few years ago he chose military history  to study because he … Continue reading Sir John Keegan

Really? Six Nifty World War II Facts

I am going to steal some of Stephen's thunder here. He writes often (and well) about history, but I also do a fair amount of nonfiction reading. Ever since I was a boy I was especially interested in World War II. As an adult I think I pretty much know all the standard facts about … Continue reading Really? Six Nifty World War II Facts

An Enigma Inside A Question Inside A Book Part 2

The problem with researching real life mysteries is that there are just so many of them.  Too many for one blog post, so here is a second installment, with even more conundrums from the annals of history.  Enjoy! DB Cooper Christina:  When it comes to unsolved mysteries, DB Cooper is the king. To this day, … Continue reading An Enigma Inside A Question Inside A Book Part 2

An Enigma Inside a Question Inside a Book

Some events capture the imagination and become legends, with fanciful (and often incorrect) anecdotes. Unsolved mysteries, disappearances, murders…society loves a good story, and there’s something about an unsolved case that seems to keep us hooked. Mysteries are so beloved that some events considered “unsolved” are actually…solved. Or maybe sort of solved. such as the case … Continue reading An Enigma Inside a Question Inside a Book

Horace Kephart – Writer, Outdoorsman, National Park Activist…Librarian?

By Jeff This past weekend in Bryson City, the town celebrated the life of  Horace Kephart (1862-1931), who made Swain County his home away from home.  Kephart, for those who don't know, was the writer of Our Southern Highlanders (1913) and Camping and Woodcraft (1918), two works that are, after nearly a century, still in print.  … Continue reading Horace Kephart – Writer, Outdoorsman, National Park Activist…Librarian?

Our History is Our Strength

By Sarah Our shared history unites families, communities, and nations.  Although women’s history is intertwined with the history shared with men, several factors - social, religious, economic, and biological - have worked to create a unique sphere of women's history. With ideas like coverture being the norm for years, women's experiences in history were often silenced.  … Continue reading Our History is Our Strength

Memorial Day

By Faye When I hear the name “Joyce Kilmer” I think of the beautiful memorial park just a few miles from Bryson City. Fond memories I have of  numerous times enjoying picnics, fishing and hiking the trails with family and friends. Kilmer was born in New Jersey and died in World War I. The Veterans … Continue reading Memorial Day

The National Parks

By Loretta Ken Burns.  That name conjures up a lot of different images in my head, anything from jazz musicians to Mark Twain.  His latest offering is one very close to my heart: America’s National Parks.  I just watched all 6 episodes of  The National Parks: America's Best Idea and I was spellbound throughout the entire thing.  … Continue reading The National Parks