Bad Days Be Gone

Everybody has a bad days... However, your local library is here to rescue you from the blues! Light comedy always helps to turn my mood around, and maybe it will for you too. Life is hard enough sometimes, so this list of materials is not here to educate or challenge you in anyway, but merely … Continue reading Bad Days Be Gone

Offbeat Humor

Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.  So said Mark Twain, and he is not someone we are inclined to argue with.  But when life gets too crazy, like snow in April, disappearing airplanes, and Bourbon Street after midnight, ordinary, run-of-the-mill humor doesn’t always cut it.  Sometimes you have to go offbeat. So allow us to present … Continue reading Offbeat Humor

The Funniest Books in the World (So Far)

By Loretta I prefer a good laugh to a good drama, a good spy novel, or even a good romance (is that an oxymoron, Luke?).  These days, laughter seems more important than ever – and much harder to come by. The following list is made up of books that, through bad times and good, have … Continue reading The Funniest Books in the World (So Far)