This, I believe, is the 50th blog in this series, so I thought I would review, to the best of my memory, some of books I have read over my lifetime.  I have always had books at home.  Being I was a history major in undergraduate and graduate school (not counting MSLS degree) and history … Continue reading BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS

Sir John Keegan

British historian John Keegan and I were almost contemporaries.  Although he was four years older than me, both of us were boys living in a Britain troubled by war in the early 1940s; he in England, I in Scotland.  Keegan told interviewer Brian Lamb a few years ago he chose military history  to study because he … Continue reading Sir John Keegan

CHURCHILL II, 1939-1965

When Winston Churchill became the First Lord of the Admiralty for the second time in 1939, he ended his decade exile from government.   Then Neville Chamberlain resigned as Prime Minister on May 10, 1940 and Winston Churchill assumed that office.   Soon afterwards he addressed the British people and later the House of Commons.  He … Continue reading CHURCHILL II, 1939-1965

D-Day, Part 2

By Stephen My last blog ended at H-Hour off the Normandy beaches, with Allied forces getting ready to land at 6:30 AM (British double summer time), June 6, 1944.   While the landing craft were heading to the shore, a naval barrage was sending shells toward the German defenses and bombers were unloading their bombs, trying … Continue reading D-Day, Part 2

World War I (Part 2)

By Stephen On the western front in 1914, the Germans invaded France through Belgium and soon faced a counter-attack by the French and British.  The invaders were pushed back to the Aisne River, where both sides dug in, in what one writer says was the "last Nineteenth Century war."  What he meant was, instead of … Continue reading World War I (Part 2)

World War I, Part 1

By Stephen At the end of June 1914, few Americans paid attention to a story in newspapers about the assassination of the heir to the Austrian-Hungary throne in the Serbian capital of Sarajevo.  The Austrians demanded satisfaction from the Serbians with an ultimatum.  Germany backed Austria, Russia supported  their fellow Slavs in Serbia, and France … Continue reading World War I, Part 1

My Ideal Bookshelve

By Stephen Right before Christmas My Ideal Bookshelf, edited by Thessaly La Force, came into my hands.  The premise of the book is leading cultural figure were asked to constructed an ideal bookshelf that reflected their personalities and their reading interests.  That gave me an idea:  what if I had to give up my home library … Continue reading My Ideal Bookshelve

The Coming Anniversary of the Civil War

By Stephen Abraham Lincoln was elected President of  the United States one hundred and fifty years ago on November 6, 2010.  What followed Lincoln's election was a bloody civil war that lasted over four years.  Almost as  many books have written about this war as there were casualties on the battlefields ( a slight exaggeration).  And, with … Continue reading The Coming Anniversary of the Civil War