Resources in the Face of COVID-19

We are certainly living in a unique time. COVID-19 is changing the world in which we live. At this point I am sure that you have all heard about the steps we all need to take to protect yourself and the community: social distancing, wash your hands, limit travel, and so forth. For a more … Continue reading Resources in the Face of COVID-19

Live Long and Prosper

UPDATE from Youth Services Staff:  The "Under the Stars" program at Macon County Public Library has been rescheduled due to the rain and thunderstorms that are forecast for Thursday evening, March 12. It will now be held on Thursday, March 26 at 7 PM. Consequently, Science Club will be at 7 PM that day (instead of … Continue reading Live Long and Prosper

Ronda – Circulation Services

By Amy Ronda (or Rondie, as she’s known to her co-workers) is best known for her love of honey badgers, but everyone around here knows –despite her cool exterior- Ronda cares very deeply about the library. When asked to give one word to describe Ronda, her co-workers told me: compassionate, messy, and cluttered. I, for … Continue reading Ronda – Circulation Services

“Interesting People / Patrons”

By Don How many people do you know? Let me ask it this way, how many do you know interesting things about? At the Macon County Public Library, we have many interesting people walk through our doors. Sometimes I think I would like to get to know all of them, but that's impossible. On a … Continue reading “Interesting People / Patrons”