Converting to eTechnology

The first week of March is Read an eBook Week, when many publishers offer free or discounted eBooks. However, many ebooks are available to be checked out for free from your library. Through Fontana Regional Library, you can create an account with RB Digitial, OverDrive, or other providers of ebooks. eBooks have been increasingly popular … Continue reading Converting to eTechnology

Music & Movement Make Merry

Using music and movement with young children is just plain fun!  Have you ever thought to yourself what you would do with all the energy children seem to possess?  Perhaps you have even said, “Boy, I wish I could bottle all that energy?”  I know I have!  Using music and movement can have educational benefits … Continue reading Music & Movement Make Merry

Read It Again, Sam: 15 Music Biographies

I really fell in love with music at the same time that many of us do, as a teenager. I'd heard plenty of music in our house before then, from Big Band to the Beatles to Kiss to The Statler Brothers, but it took a bit for music to really grab hold of me, and … Continue reading Read It Again, Sam: 15 Music Biographies

Hit Me With Your Pet Shark

By Loretta Most of us remember these immortal words from Pat Benatar – maybe not exactly like this.  But who can tell?  Maybe this is really what she said, instead of the alleged “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Are you like me, loving music, but sometimes a little perplexed at what they just sang?  … Continue reading Hit Me With Your Pet Shark


By Loretta Exercise is not something that excites the imagination, unless you’re a Greek athelete.  If you’re like me, you have very little time for exercise and very little will when time allows.  But we all know we should be doing it, if for no other reason than to retain the ability to stand as … Continue reading Zumba