The Dog Ate my Homework

In my case, it was actually true once. I scotch-taped up the tattered remains of my worksheets (complete with muddy paw prints) and turned them in with this time-honored excuse - luckily, my teacher was both amused and forgiving, despite the missing sections! With school back in session, however, my daughter is already brimming with … Continue reading The Dog Ate my Homework

Let’s clear the air: a Vulture is not a Buzzard

  Today’s blog focuses on the Turkey Vulture, another one of the most commonly seen birds here in the Southeast. Before we talk about identifying characteristics though, I thought we could dive into the semantics of the terms vulture and buzzard, because it can be pretty confusing. Before researching this topic, whenever I heard the … Continue reading Let’s clear the air: a Vulture is not a Buzzard

Libraries Lead

This past week, April 8th to 14th, was National Library Week! Hooray! We hope everyone celebrated appropriately with books and movies borrowed from your library. If not, don’t worry, Governor Cooper has declared this month as Library Appreciation Month!  National Library Week was first officially sponsored in 1958, making this the 60th anniversary! This week … Continue reading Libraries Lead

The “New” NC LIVE eBooks Portal Page

NC LIVE is pleased to announce a new eBooks Portal webpage available now from the NC LIVE website. The portal replaces a previous eBooks page that simply linked to each of NC LIVE's eBook Collections. This new eBooks Portal makes it easier for users of the NC LIVE website to browse and search all of NC LIVE's eBook … Continue reading The “New” NC LIVE eBooks Portal Page

E-Resources For the Civil War

By Stephen 2011 is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.  A few months ago I wrote a blog about the books in the Fontana Regional Library outlining the events of the war.  Now I want mention some the electronic sources you can use to learn more about the war in general, … Continue reading E-Resources For the Civil War

I’m So Much Cooler Online!

By Don  Thanks to Paisley’s eye-opening docudrama about the world of Internet communications, we now know that people are not always in person who they appear to be online. As Paisley’s drama unfolds, we meet a guy who is short, chubby, mildly asthmatic, who drives a Hyundai, and still lives at home with his parents. … Continue reading I’m So Much Cooler Online!