The Forest Primeval

Hello Dendrophiles! I am excited to introduce you to the awe-inspiring world of ancient forests. Known also as old-growth or forest primeval, ancient forests are intact woodlands which have been left relatively uninterrupted by human activity. Although these precious spaces are quickly dwindling, we can still find tracts of ancient wood in almost every corner … Continue reading The Forest Primeval

Latest Non-Fiction Books

By Stephen It never ceases to amaze me the variety of non-fiction books published each season.  Politics, popular science, biography memoirs and history (And you thought writers had finished with the Civil War!), cooking, etc. all seem to make their way onto bestseller lists.   Fans of non-fiction have their favorite  authors, just like readers of fiction; … Continue reading Latest Non-Fiction Books

Selecting Non-Fiction

By Stephen As part of my job duties, I select non-fiction books for the Marianna Black Library. This task takes a good deal of time reading reviews, perusing publishers' catalogs, finding out which authors have made appearances on talk shows, and scanning the best-seller lists.  In non-fiction, best sellers are not always  the books that are checked out the … Continue reading Selecting Non-Fiction