Happy New You!

By Amy Happy new you! Ok, so it's not January 1st but don't let that stop you from achieving your goals! There's no time like the present to start improving yourself! Research indicates the best way to improve yourself and meet your personal goals is to make sure your goals are SMARTER: Specific - Answer … Continue reading Happy New You!

Getting pictures, automagically!

By John For those of us who use digital cameras and go through the throws of locating a cable to connect our camera or card readers to our computers to get at our photos and videos have something to rejoice about. There’s a company that’s been making memory cards with Wi-Fi capability built into it, … Continue reading Getting pictures, automagically!

“How to”

By Faye My Daddy once said, “You know you are getting older when the younger generation comes to you with questions.” Youngers, as he would call them, were always coming to him with questions or for advice. He was, of course, referring to “how to” questions. It could be anything from “how to” plant potatoes … Continue reading “How to”