New Year, Old Books

Hello, readers! Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022. How are you at making New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps the better question is how are you at keeping New Year’s resolutions? There seems to be only one resolution I am sure to keep: this year, I will read more books! Actually, I have to confess, reading more … Continue reading New Year, Old Books

Learning to Love Winter

I grew up loving winter, and especially snow.  However, a few years after discovering the harsh realities of cold weather in the mountains, I became disenchanted with the season. Many people are in the same boat - they dread winter. But this year is different: my goal is to not only survive winter, but to … Continue reading Learning to Love Winter


By Loretta I'm slowly reading a very good book, one that I should have read during the summer.  As long and hot as the summer was, it would have been a good time for the shivers.  For most of my adult life, I’ve been an armchair adventurer, reading about the remote and dangerous places of the world from … Continue reading Cold