10 More Books I Read

The books keep piling up. Most of my posts have a theme to them, such as zombies, or cats, or weddings. It is easy enough to fit books into categories. The problem are those books that don't quite fit into these niches. This helped give birth to Random Book Day, but that isn't until November, … Continue reading 10 More Books I Read

They Ate My Brain: 15 Top Zombie Reads

By Chris Zombies!  They just won’t go away, both in the stories featuring them and in popular culture.  Now we could engage in a long discussion as to why zombies strike a chord with us, how they reach a primal part of our psyche, how an unrelenting, implacable, remorseless enemy that cannot be reasoned with … Continue reading They Ate My Brain: 15 Top Zombie Reads

Non-sparkly Vampires and Zombies Galore

Chris:  There is certainly no shortage of vampires and other creatures of the night in literature these days.  But it does seem that some of them lack that certain edge of yore.  I tend to like my vampires dangerous and my zombies apocalyptic. Christina: I’m not fond of the way that vampires have gone from … Continue reading Non-sparkly Vampires and Zombies Galore