“Riders on the Storm,” Vietnam, Pt. 4

When Richard Nixon was elected as President of the United States in November 1968, Lyndon Johnson's administration had started talks with representatives of the Communist government of North Vietnam six months before, but when they attempted to get the South Vietnamese and the Viet Cong to join the discussions, the talks broke down.   The Tét … Continue reading “Riders on the Storm,” Vietnam, Pt. 4

Katrina, Ike, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Etc.

  Note:  In addition to books available in the collections of Fontana Regional Library and the NC Cardinal consortium I used articles from databases in NC Live. In recent weeks three category four or five hurricanes devastated multiple Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico,  the Gulf coast of Texas  and the whole state of Florida.  Remnants of … Continue reading Katrina, Ike, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Etc.

This is not an eclipse post.

Last night I was sitting at home reading as the sun faded away, and the droning of crickets outside the house gradually drowned out the sound of the words on the page in front of me. This is the sound of a summer night – crickets raising heck outside, intermittent frog croaks from the pond, … Continue reading This is not an eclipse post.

Earth Day

Warm sunshine.  Rainy days.  Blooming plants.  The Earth is alive in this wonderful Spring season!  This is the perfect time to have Earth Day.  I guess that is why in 1970, 47 years ago, the first Earth Day was observed.  Earth Day is held to  "demonstrate support for environmental protection".  Topics can include environmental clean … Continue reading Earth Day

What’s your story?

By Amy National Library week is April 13-19th and we want to hear about how the library affects you! What's your favorite activity at the library? Is there a program you come to every week? Do you have a book addiction that would empty your bank account if you had to buy books out-of-pocket? We want to hear … Continue reading What’s your story?

Where Were You: Events We Remember Part 2

In part one, which can be found here, talked about many memorable events. Part two certainly feels different for us, since we were older and theoretically wiser and more mature when they happened.  There has also been a seismic shift in the way that news is watched and disseminated during this time period, and that … Continue reading Where Were You: Events We Remember Part 2

Where Were You: Events We Remember Part 1

With the recent anniversary of the JFK assassination, the memory of that fateful day hung in the air, with people asking each other, “Where were you when it happened?” Some events are noteworthy enough that the memory of them is ingrained permanently. We can recall exactly where we were, what we were doing, and who … Continue reading Where Were You: Events We Remember Part 1

You’re Invited…

Saturday November 2nd from 1pm-5pm Jack the Dipper will be donating 10% of ice cream sales to the FRL Reading Rover Bookmobile! Bring your neighbors, friends, and family to enjoy an ice cream treat and an afternoon of fun in support of the Reading Rover!  Free face painting and children’s activities will be part of … Continue reading You’re Invited…

Library Weddings

By Chris and Christina You might not think of libraries when you think of weddings, but people are starting to see the appeal in getting hitched in a book lover’s paradise. For example, there have been twelve weddings at the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva from July 2012 to July 2013. Libraries are gaining … Continue reading Library Weddings

The Shield, 40 Hours Without Sleep, and a Broken Trunk: A Wrestlemania Road Trip (Part 1)

By Chris and Christina What you are about to read is the true story of two library bloggers and their daring Wrestlemania 29 adventures.  This harrowing account is presented in a back and forth manner, taking you from the road trip itself to each of the exciting Wrestlemania matches. As we recount this gritty tale … Continue reading The Shield, 40 Hours Without Sleep, and a Broken Trunk: A Wrestlemania Road Trip (Part 1)